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The Menzi Muck is the one specialty excavator that provides a SOLUTION for the otherwise unsolvable jobs and which outperforms most standard excavators. In working in adverse conditions, time and expense is saved as there is no need for ‚Äúpreparation and restoration‚ÄĚ compared to conventional equipment to gain access to work areas.

Menzi Muck A91


The A91 is best equipped for power, mobility, and maximum output. In addition, the driver experience rates above even the technical sophistication. Every detail in the driver's cab is based on functionality, safety, and comfort. More info available:

Menzi Muck A91 Brochure

Menzi Muck A91 Specifications

Menzi Muck A61


Menzi Muck A61


The Menzi Muck A61 Excavator is available as a mobile or all-wheel version. The performance data for Menzi Muck's smallest all-rounder speaks for itself. Like its big brothers, the comfort of the driver's workstation in the A61 is extremely favorable. Whether used for park, garden and landscaping projects, civil engineering projects, or on steep precipices the application range of this lightweight is very versatile. More info available:

Menzi Muck A61 Brochure

Menzi Muck A61 Specifications


Menzi Muck A20


Menzi Muck A20 Excavator

The new A20 expands the Menzi Muck line with a light, maneuverable and handy worker. This small machine, weighing less than 2 tons, is designed for very narrow situations like gardening, cemetery work and construction work inside of buildings or tunnels. The helicopter transport is possible without dismantling the machine. More info:

Menzi Muck A20 Brochure